Making Natural
Gas Work for Africans

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The African Coalition for Trade and Investment in Natural Gas (ACTING) is an initiative of Hawilti to support the development of a robust natural gas value-chain across the African continent. ACTING gathers leading experts, executives and policy makers around key issues pertaining to natural gas in Africa, from upstream exploration & production, midstream infrastructure, downstream monetization and gas-to-power.

ACTING focuses on all the benefits that a broader adoption of natural gas can bring to Africans, especially when it comes to securing access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

The Coalition believes in the promotion of transparent business practices and the adoption of sound environmental, social and corporate governance standards to promote investments across the African gas value chain. By collecting and sharing information and data, we seek to support a broad range of gas industries, including liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), compressed natural gas (CNG), piped natural gas (PNG), gas-to-power and hydrogen.

Building the most comprehensive resources and network on African gas


Engage Stakeholders

We engage a broad range of stakeholders around key issues affecting the development of natural gas in Africa, with a particular focus on developing local currency financing mechanisms, addressing supply chain constraints and expanding critical infrastructure such as bottling plants, processing plants, pipelines, retail outlets and power grids.


Collect Data

We fight the "others syndrome" adopted by most global statistical and research organisation that limits data collection and access only to a few "big" African markets and classify every other country as "others". By working with governments and the private sector, ACTING builds comprehensive and up-to-date data sets on key trends pertaining to gas production, supply, demand, consumption, import and export around Africa, country by country.


Promote Investment

ACTING coordinates several investment promotion campaigns to support deal-making across the continent and actively encourages the adoption of best communication practices on ESG initiatives. We regularly engage with a very wide range of international partners from across Africa and the world including private equity investors, institutional investors, high-net worth individuals and commercial lenders to promote the latest opportunities available to them in Africa.


Support Policy

By functioning as a knowledge sharing platform, ACTING regularly provides policy advisory and support for governments and policy makers on the establishment or revision of gas master plans, and the formulation of pragmatic and globally competitive gas regulations.

Energising 2 billion lives by 2050

Natural gas is an odourless, colourless and non-toxic hydrocarbon present across the world where it provides energy for cooking and heating, electricity for factories and households, a raw material for fertilizers and petrochemicals, and power for major industries representing millions of jobs such as glass, textile, fertilizers, cement or paints. As a transportation fuel, natural gas is cheaper than gasoline or diesel, safer and much cleaner for the environment.

It remains the lowest-carbon hydrocarbon, generating on average half the emissions of oil or coal. As a result, it has become the switching fuel by excellence, and is able to replace coal or diesel within a power plant turbine after converting only parts of the equipment.

As the continent with the lowest electricity access in the world, Africa is in dire need of additional sources of energy and will be witnessing strong power demand growth as its urban population keeps rising. Because natural gas is abundant across the continent, its full development can create countless direct and indirect jobs, support industrialisation and lift millions out of poverty. The promotion of LPG alone has the power to save millions of lives lost every year due to indoor air pollution caused by wood stoves and affecting mostly African women and girls.

Transparent. Updated. Accurate.

ACTING believes that the lack of accurate market data on most African gas markets is a major impediment to investments and to the continent realising its full economic potential. With our partners, we have made it a priority to gather, develop and distribute the most updated data on African markets to inform policy and promote sound investment. We publish every year our State of Play and regularly contribute to global roadshows and energy research projects. All of the ACTING research and information on markets, companies and projects shaping Africa's gas industry is also available directly on the Hawilti platform and App.