Let's get to work!

Raising awareness

With its partners, ACTING engages industry stakeholders and societies at large to raise awareness on the benefits of natural gas for industries and households. With on-the-ground presence across most African economic capitals, ACTING leverages on its quality network to support gas-based industrialisation across the continent and encourage households to consume gas for the benefits of their health and their wallets.

Promoting natural gas

We are also seeking new opportunities and ways to promote natural gas investment and technology across Africa. From the collection and distribution of key market data to the facilitation of investment and technology transfers, we act as a dedicated platform for small and large-scale natural gas developments in the continent.


What we offer

Market access

We open doors to the most complex African markets and jurisdictions.


We promote the best of what natural gas has to offer for every African women & men.


We develop the largest quality network of local and international gas stakeholders interested in Africa.


We invest in substantial research and data collection to support overall knowledge of the African gas industry.


We frequently advise developers and companies seeking investment on enhancing their ESG profile and communication practices.